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Uchino Lifestyle Designing - Towel Company Uchino Co., Ltd.

Redefining the Towel
Stringent Quality Standards

Towels created through intensive pursuit of quality and comfort

As part of our quality control initiatives, we acquired international safety standard Oeko-tex® Standard 100, Class I (for infants) Certification especially for baby and organic products. In addition to better basic functions as towels, we pursue quality and function to match the characteristics of each item.

UCHINO Quality & Premium
UCHINO Quality & Premium

UCHINO holds high standards for quality and comfort, and we pursued even higher quality and safety for these towel products.

Oeko-tex® Certification
Oeko-tex Certification

Oeko-tex® Standard 100 is an international safety standard for textile products, established by the international Oeko-tex® Association …