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Uchino Lifestyle Designing - Towel Company Uchino Co., Ltd.

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Greeting from UCHINO

Representative Director and President Uchino Co., Ltd.
Nobuyuki Uchino, Representative Director and President
Uchino Co., Ltd.

Delivering comfort, happiness, and pleasant sleep to consumers around the world
Our path to a top global niche corporation

On August 2017, our company marked its 70th year from founding. I extend my deep appreciation to the kind patronage of all over the years.

At establishment, we started with towels and added on items used in the bathroom, gradually expanding to address mindsets and how time is spent during bath time and eventually after the bath as well, working with strong conviction and always with consideration of customer satisfaction.

In an era immediately after the war where the entire family shared a single towel, UCHINO was the first to propose the Family Towels, with the concept of one towel per family member. We were also the first in the world to introduce printed towels. From 1960 through 1970, we signed contracts for Disney character towels, as well as high fashion brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Cardin, integrating the latest fashions to our towels and debuting the first branded towels in Japan. We have since also conceived a series of items such as towel handkerchiefs and towel scarves that harness material characteristics.

Today, we sell a new range of products including pajamas, resort/loungewear, baby products, throws, and pillowcases using light, soft gauze materials, especially our Marshmallow Gauze®, which we have patented globally. These products deliver comfort, happiness, and pleasant sleep to customers, many of who have commented, “It’s immediately addictive.” Many of our products can be used with reassurance by children and those with sensitive skin.

In 1988, we opened the lifestyle-proposal antenna shop The Body & Bath Shop in Omotesando, an upscale area of Tokyo. Rather than simply selling towels as items, we envisioned situations such as bath, baby, and sports for a beautiful, healthy, and comfortable lifestyle. This marked our shift to a company that designs lifestyles for everyday comfort. In 1997, we opened the material towel shop UCHINO TOWEL GALLERY in Omotesando. We also opened the premium lifestyle proposal shop TOUCH in Roppongi Hills in 2003. TOUCH has marked its 15th anniversary and underwent renovations to reopen in April 2018 as UCHINO TOUCH, and will deliver everyday affluence through materials and quality to the world.

Our products have gained international presence. Outside of Japan, 301 stores carry our product in China/Asia, and 134 in the Americas and Europe, for a total of 435 stores (as of January 2018).

With our new products including proprietary patented material, we aim to achieve further growth as a top global niche corporation that delivers comfort, happiness, and pleasant sleep to consumers around the world. We invite you to look forward to more developments ahead from UCHINO.