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Skin care with a bathrobe?

Skin care with a bathrobe?

In Japan, bathrobes are often thought to be grandiose and an item to wear while lounging at home with a glass of wine. But bathrobes are actually wonderful items that really come in handy. We wish more people would try them, so we will introduce many of their benefits. We start with the amazing fact that using a bathrobe is great for your skin!

After bathing, the skin is actually susceptible to dryness

You’ve soaked and relaxed in the tub, surrounded with steam. You might assume that your skin is plump with moisture when you leave the bath, but it’s actually very susceptible to dryness after bathing. When washing the body such as with soap to remove impurities, you also remove the moisture barrier that was covering the skin surface. Not only that, natural oils seep out to some extent by just soaking in warm water. Water content is stored in the skin temporarily by bathing, but the moisture barrier that serves to retain it is lost, so unless you replace it with some other protection, water content will quickly evaporate and your skin will dry. This happens in a span of just about five minutes. This is why you should use bath powder with moisturizers such as ceramides or apply body cream immediately after the bath to retain moisture. Yet rushing to apply cream compromises the state of relaxation you gained from bathing. You also want to take your time in caring for skin, and your hair too. This is where the bathrobe comes in.

When you come out of the bath, first wipe the water off your body and then drape on a bathrobe immediately. The bathrobe will act as a lid to prevent moisture from evaporating to some extent. Let the bathrobe protect your body as you take care of your face and hair, and then you can tend to the skin of your body without rushing. The bathrobe could be considered a magical skin care item that will slightly extend the five minutes you had after coming after the bath.

Enhancing the moisture retention effect of secondary perspiration with a bathrobe

There is one more tidbit about skin care with a bathrobe. There is one more tidbit about skin care with a bathrobe. Have you heard of the phrase “secondary perspiration”? We have already discussed perspiring while in the bath; your body has warmed during the bath and will perspire again after coming out. This is secondary perspiration. Especially during the hot summer, you probably can’t seem to stop perspiring, right? If you put on clothing such as loungewear in this state, you’ll wind up wearing clothing damp from sweat until you go to sleep, which is not comfortable. This is why we recommend that you first wrap yourself with a bathrobe and wait until you naturally stop perspiring. Incidentally, secondary perspiration that occurs after perspiring thoroughly during the bath is not sticky and mostly consists of water, so if you cover yourself with a bathrobe, you can also moisturize your skin well. And so bathrobes are quite beneficial. However, we recommend that you don’t keep the damp bathrobe on for long. Once you have stopped perspiring, you should change to loungewear, or your warmed body might turn cold. The purpose of the bathrobe is to fill in the gap between bath time and relax time. Use it to your advantage for better quality relax time.