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Bath & LIFE Style Design
—From a quality “Good night” to a vibrant “Good morning”—

Resetting the Body and Mind

If we redefine bath time as the time from taking a bath until the time you fall into restful sleep, three keywords emerge as we consider its role: beauty, health, and relaxation. It’s crucial to properly reset your mind and body to stay beautiful and healthy, and the ability to sleep well everyday factors into that. It becomes important how you spend your time up to this point, which could be considered the preparation stage to sleep.

And so, what leads us to sound sleep? That would be to relax your mind and body from the core, and taking a bath more effectively is key. And then to maintain those benefits, it becomes significant how you care for yourself after the bath and how you spend your time relaxing before going to sleep.

We often use the word “relax.” Physiologically, this is the state where the parasympathetic nerve is dominant over the sympathetic nerve, both of which control the autonomic nerve. In other words, the sympathetic nerve function is suppressed and tension is relieved. This means that you are comfortable and at ease. When relaxed, our bodies and minds are able to absorb all kinds of things. This is why we think it’s important to be in contact with quality things, to drape on something comfortable, and be embraced by pleasant aromas, pleasant music, and delicate lighting during that valuable time between bathing and going to sleep.