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Uchino Lifestyle Designing - Towel Company Uchino Co., Ltd.

Redefining the Towel
UCHINO holds high standards for quality and comfort, and we pursued even higher quality and safety for these towel products.
Superb quality that meets the most stringent quality standards in the industry+Safety that you can trust to touch even babies’ mouths
Features●Quickly, thoroughly absorbs moisture●Shedding is unnoticeable when laundering●Color tone lasts despite repeated washings●Trustworthy quality that passed tests for all harmful substances

About UCHINO Quality

Products with quality comfort and guaranteed to be safe—this is what defines UCHINO quality. We acquired international safety standard Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 (for infants) Certification, which is managed with stringent quality standards. This means the items are pleasant to use, with superb quality that can be trusted as safe for coming into contact with babies’ mouths. We pursue quality and function to match the characteristics of each item and manufacture with quality standards that are higher than those that are typically adhered to in the industry.

Stringent quality standards

These items meet strict quality standards that are set higher than general quality standards in the industry (such as those of inspection foundations or unions).

UCHINO Quality Standards
1. Towel Characteristics
Absorbency: Quickly absorbs moisture both before and after laundering
Fluff rate: Has minimal fluffing
Pile retention rate: Pile does not pull out easily
2. Colorfastness (fading, bleeding)
Minimal color change and fading from light
Minimal color change, fading, and bleeding from washing
Minimal color change, fading, and bleeding from perspiration
Minimal color change, fading, and bleeding from friction
Minimal color change, fading, and bleeding from waterMinimal color change, fading, and bleeding from water
3. Durability
Won’t easily tear even if pulled strongly
Fluff won’t easily adhere to other clothing (applicable to scarves)
Piping and lettuce edge won’t unravel easily even if pulled
4. Mixture
Ratio Fiber composition is according to legal description (when using two types of fibers or more)
5. Safety
Formaldehyde (formalin) content is within specified limit
6. Laundering
Fastness There is no significant change or abnormality after laundering
Size variance is minimal after laundering
There is minimal color bleeding to white items or other items
7. Product
Inspection Dimensions, weight are according to specifications (within allowed range)
No abnormalities, defects to appearance
Sewing is done properly
8. Special
Functionality Items labeled as highly absorbent, quick-drying, antimicrobial anti-odor, UV ray exposure reduction must fulfill the standards of each

*Standards for “UCHINO Quality” are set higher than conventional Uchino quality standards.

Global standard for safety -Oeko-tex® Standard 100, Class I Certification-

We have been certified in accordance with the international safety standard Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, which is used in over 80 countries. Of this, we acquired class 1 (baby products), which complies with the strictest requirements. OekoTex Standard 100 tests for harmful substances that are banned by laws and standards around the world and certifies only products that have proven to be safe. Class 1 confirms safety of a level that babies will not be affected even if they put the product in their mouths.

OekoTex Standard 100 is an international safety standard that was launched with the objective of eliminating hazardous substances from textiles.

What is the OekoTex Standard?

About UCHINO Premium

By meticulously choosing quality natural materials from around the world and using special manufacturing methods, we relentlessly pursue the best textures, functionality, and comfort to create products of a higher grade, with superb quality and luxurious comfort.

Meticulously Selected Materials

These towels use meticulously selected quality materials, such as rare extra-long staple cotton said to account for just 5% of the world’s cotton; supple, lustrous silk that is gentle to the skin; and linen that feels fresh and nicely stimulating.

Meticulous Production Methods

We use manufacturing methods to pursue the best textures and comfort, creating towels and gauze patented for our unique technologies, as well as lightweight yet voluminous structures and natural whiteness/texture finished simply with soap and enzymes.

High quality

We make products that are delightful to use, under stringent quality standards in pursuit of better quality and safety. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 certification has been acquired for our towel and wear products or fabrics.
*Mat products are not subject to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1