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Social Contribution

Iwate Hospice Association and Towel Caps

Iwate Hospice Association (Representative:Yuji Kawamorita) based in Morioka, I wate Prefecture is a community organization that supports cancer patients and their families The Association started making towel headwear with the aspiration of cheering patient who are battling cancer. This activity connecting hearts through towel headwear has had great response and has even spread abroad today.

Iwate Hospice Association Social Activities

Iwate Hospice Association supports patients and their families suffering from cancer through activities such as: holding workshops to teach how to make towel headwear with just one face towel; selling paper patterns for the towel headwear; providing towel headwear to many hospitals throughout Japan, especially designated cancer care hospitals; and conducting charity bazaars.

Iwate Hospice Association Social Activities

Yoshijima-san was chosen as Citizen of the Year in 2009, which is awarded to citizens who inspire others and contribute to the development, happiness, and beautification of communities, for her work with the Iwate Hospice Association.

Citizen-of-the Year

Director, Iwate Hospice Association
Mikiko Yoshijima

UCHINO×Iwate Hospice Association jointly developed towel & gauze caps with a pleasant texture

Iwate Hospice Association, a community organization that supports cancer patients, and UCHINO jointly developed towel & gauze caps with a pleasant texture.

Based on the towel headwear that Iwate Hospice Association conceived for patients battling cancer, UCHINO pursued wear comfort from the perspectives of texture, absorbency, breathability, heat retention, weight, and more.

The caps are soft and light, with minimal stimulation to the skin, have excellent absorbency and breathability to maintain comfort even when perspiring, and have a nice balance of heat retention. We were also creative with the sewing because it will come in direct contact with bare skin. It can be worn not only while undergoing treatment, but also in the room.

UCHINO has empathy for the activities of Iwate Hospice Association and will continue to provide support in various ways so towel caps can be delivered to patients around the world.

In support of Iwate Hospice Association, we have been donating towel caps every year since 2009.
*We have donated a total of 34,000 caps as of December 2015

Exhibit of towel caps (UCHINO 2014 spring/summer exhibition)

5% of sales from towel caps are donated to Iwate Hospice Association.UCHINO supports the activities of Iwate Hospice Association through sales of towel caps.