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Uchino Lifestyle Designing - Towel Company Uchino Co., Ltd.

Company Information

Shift of Manufacturing Bases

At the strong request of the local government because environmental issues are becoming severe in China recently, we halted production operations at our Shanghai factory, which was our central manufacturing base. Shanghai Uchino facilities will be transferred to a subcontract factory where we have directed technology for 20 years, and at the same time, we will dispatch UCHINO staff to continue production in China. The main base of product development and manufacturing will be shifted to our Thailand factory.
We will approximately triple production capacity at our Thailand factory, upgrade the structure, and continue to actively develop product with integrated manufacturing, harnessing the advantage of having a spinning factory as part of our group.

Shanghai Uchino Co., Ltd. will continue to enhance operations as a center for inspection, processing, and distribution as well as domestic sales in China, aiming to increase distribution outlets.